Manala Actuaries and Consultants

“Simplifying Complexity”


Manala offers a number of services to various clients, mainly lawyers, advocates and case managers for litigation matters.

Manala has built a track record in a number of areas, including, but not limited to the following:

– Road Accident Fund matters: Loss of support and loss of earnings actuarial assessments
– Medical negligence claims/medical malpractice claims e.g. cerebral palsy claims, botched operations, loss of support claims for failed sterilisation etc.
– Actuarial assessment of employment related cases such as unfair dismissals etc.
– Police matters e.g. Unlawful arrests, loss of support claims, loss of earnings claims, medical related claims etc.
– Estate calculations
– Animal attacks
– Retirement related disputes
– Divorce matters
– Train accidents
– And other specialised actuarial calculations

Commercial Litigation

We also offer a peer review mechanism on opposition actuaries work as and when requested by our clients. We also assist our clients in the finalisation of actuarial joint minutes.

Incidental issues related to provision of actuarial services in the damages space:

As a firm, Manala is cognisant of the issues that are faced in the damages space. We aim to deliver our reports before trial dates or pre-trial dates as may be applicable. This is dependent on when we get all required information to finalise a calculation. Manala offers flexible payment terms. These are structured to be beneficial to all stakeholders. Our prices are generally dependant on the level of work involved in a case. We strive to remain competitive in our pricing.

The services that Manala offers are generally unique and depend on complexity of each case. The prices offered are also competitive.