Manala Actuaries and Consultants

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Trustworthy & Effective Actuarial Firm Experienced in Litigation, Damages, Medical Negligence & More

Manala Actuaries and Consultants (Pty) Ltd (“Manala”) is an actuarial firm specialising mainly in the provision of actuarial services in damages/litigation work. Our experts have vast expertise in actuarial damages calculations to serve our client’s expectations. We endeavour to keep up to date with the latest thinking through our in-house research and by attending courses or seminars that can be utilised to add value to our clients.

Manala offers a number of services to various clients, including, but not limited to the following:

Lawyers and Advocates

Case managers for litigation matters

State Organs


Manala has built a track record in a number of areas, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Road Accident Fund matters: Loss of support and loss of earnings actuarial assessments
  • Medical negligence claims/medical malpractice claims e.g. cerebral palsy claims, botched operations, loss of support claims for failed sterilisation etc.
  • Employment related cases such as unfair dismissals etc.
  • Police matters e.g. Unlawful arrests, loss of support claims, loss of earnings claims, medical related claims etc.
  • Estate calculations
  • Animal attacks
  • Retirement related disputes
  • Divorce matters
  • Commercial matters
  • Train accidents
  • And other specialised actuarial calculations

All our technical staff are members of accredited professional bodies such as the Institute of Actuaries, Actuarial Society of South Africa and the Chartered Enterprise Risk Institute. Manala is also proud to have received a number of endorsements from clients with regard to services that have been offered to the them. This, to us, is a stamp of approval on the quality of work and the client focussed service that we offer.